The Rime Of Ancient Mariner

The Rime Of Ancient Mariner was written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.This story is related to Romanticism.It have romantic themes nature, supernatural  powerful,strong human emotions, sin and restoration.Also we can see mystery,unexpected situation. As opposed Rationalism,Romanticism  has these themes.

To be honest,I couldn’t understand anything during the lesson,maybe I was late lesson. I was able to  understand the morning of exam.

This story is really intersting.Especially I was suprised how mariner kill albatross.This bird showed way them.I could’t still understand.The mariner kill the bird and damned them. In my opion,they deserved it.However,in the end of the story,damnation disappered.

This kind of stories are really excited,they improve our imaginations.


I’m really impressed this film and like it.I heard this film,but ı didn’t watch.Since  I have watched the film,my life view changed.I have thought: Can I become teacher like this man?

A new literature teacher comes to class,he doesn’t resemble other traditional teacher.He wants students to bbe free,independent.He wants them break strict monotonous rules.For examples;he requires them to rip out the introduction part of the book,this part is related to mean of poetry.He doesn’t desire to recite this word meaning.Feeling,emotions are more important than memorizing.

The main idea of the film is”Carpe diem”.Time is short.We should pursue our goals,aims, ideas.We shouldn’t allow other people to  interfere our life.Our aims are more important than what other people think.

Hovewer,I don’t like end of the part,because anything has changed,they still have to listen to their families,keep to rules…And young  boy put and end to himself.This situation is  actually tragedic.



We mentioned about’ Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Cruseo’ and’ Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal’.They were really interesting subjects.

A Modest Proposal is sarcasm and irony in literature.This as Swift,states in its introduction,a proposed solution for preventing the children of poor people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country and for making them beneficial to the public.

When I was elemantry school,I read the Robinson Crusoe;however,there are some changes.In the movie,Robinson falls in love Mary,but there is a man who loves Mary.For this reason Robinson escapes  the city and lives island for many years.Hovewer,in original Robinson is adventurer person.He loves to travel and he encounter abnormal things.He falls a deserted island. He comes  across  Friday and becomes friend,at the end of the book this man dies,but in the movie he doesn’t die.Robinson Crusoe is related to love,loyalty,friendship and how a person struggle to survival.

Thanks to video,I can understand the subjects easily.Visual effects were very beneficial for us.


We talked about at 18 century last week.This century was really different the other perıod and we met a lot of changes.

As opposed to Civil war and Restoration ,this century was peace and stabilitiy.England was domestic peace and prospertiy after Glorıous (Bloodless) Revolution.

We met Goerge I,II. They spoke little English.They didn’t interest in political issue.But Goerge III spoke Englısh very well.

We mentioned about Rationalism, Romanticism.Before Restoration,Classical was important;however,Romanticism was important this period.

Poetry and drama took a secondary role.Drama lack wit.Drama included and didactic elements and moral standard.Thet didn’t use too much metaphore.

Middle class started to read;especially female readers increased.

We watched Coffee House video.People went to Coffee House and learn about the news of the day and shared what they know.Thet talked about literature,politics,etc.

England became industrial and agricultural country.Thanks to İndustrial Revolution,goods became cheap and reachable.

While Industrial Revolution had many advantages,it had some disadvantages.For example,children had to work.Life was good for rich while unfortunately it was bad for poor people.


This week,we mentioned about  John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ and John Dryner’s Macflecknoe.I learned Paradise Lost is composed of 12 books.It is really too long.

John Milton is considered as the greatest poet after Shakespear.I totally agree this with this idea.He really wrote interesting poem and he looked life different perspective.

Paradise Lost is related to Adam&Eve.Satan deceived Eve.Since that period,Satan has tried to deceive us.Like Eve,we should not eat forbidden fruit.We should control ourselves.

The other poem is MacFlecknoe.It is related to disagreement between Thomas Shadwell and John Dryner.He used satiric form his poem.To be honest,I didn’t like his poems.He wrote both Parliement and King and also praised them.He didn’t show which side to support.


Last lesson our subject was civil war and restoration.After Tudors,the Staturs were coming to stage.They were less successful than Tudors.Monarcy and Parliement conflicted each other.

After Charles I,Oliver Cromwell ruled the country,but this man was too severe.He ruled as a dictator.He banned celebration of christman,games on sunday.

Cromwell died in 1658 and Charles II was invited to country.He overcame to conflicts.He had great diplomatic ability.

The first diplomatic parties called Whings and Thories were created.The first newspaper began to appear.

We read and analyzed two poems.First one is ‘Andrew Marwell’s To His Coy Mistress.The poet explains life is short.We should use time very well.This idea is simillar to ‘SEIZE DAY’

The other poem is John Milton’s Sonnet(on his blidness ) which is considered as a religious  sonnet.This man is choir.He feels anxiety and pain because he thinks his blindness prevents him from serving God;however,he says God doesn’t need man’s service,but he do his service.ıt is really interesting  massage.




Last week’s topic was metophysical poets.For instance;John Donnes’ The Flea and Holy Sonnet X and George Herbet’s Easter Wings.We read this poems and talked about them.

Inıtıally,we read ‘The Flea’ by John Donne;however, I could’t understant at first,but I read Turkısh version ,I can understand it well.

Secondly,when we think of the poem Holy Sonnet X,it is related to death.He refers ‘religious issues’.Death is resembled sleep. It is believed that good men die early.His thoughts are really interesting.

Thirdly, I liked poem ‘Easter Wings’by George Herbert.This poem’s shape like a butterfly.This shape is connection between form and meaning.When poorless and bad things are told line getting narrow,rich and good things are told line wide.The style of him is really interested me.

Finally,we talked about metaphsical poets,it is really interesting lesson.Thanks to literature,we are looking world in a different way.


Romeo and Julıet is one of the most popular play of Shakespeara.I have heard the story,but I didn’t watch or read.this week we learned Romeo and Julıet story.İt is really marvelous story.I was impress it.

Moreover,when we read or watch the story,we are informed not only love but also people’s life,culture,social life at that time.

Furthermore,we watched two families hatred each other.This enemy leads to fight two families.İn spite of the enemies of families,they were able to fall in love each other,

I compare this love in our terms,it looks impossible,nowadays,it changed,people only think their benefits.

To summarize,it is really marvelous story and masterprice of English literature.This love very fascinating and pure…